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Who We Are

Bitazza is ASEAN's locally-based digital asset platform. This means we are one large inter-connected ASEAN trade network comprising of related exchanges and brokers set up locally in various locations in Asia holding local licenses or exemptions for operations.

Homegrown and managed by local partners and teams in each country in which it operates, clients have direct access to the respective personal broker of their trading accounts (instead of mere email support and bot-based chats that most exchanges offer). Also, with direct integrations with local financial institutions in each respective country, Bitazza enables easy access to local financial and custodian services for digital assets, as well as easy and speedy deposit, withdrawal and conversions between local fiat - cryptoasset - fiat.

As the digital asset industry matures, Bitazza intends to provide the masses with blockchain-based cashless payment solutions. With ample liquidity and the gradual maturing of blockchain technology in the years to come, Bitazza aims to extend its liquidity to the mass retail, thereby promoting the use of digital assets to supplement the typical day-to-day fiat-based transactions. Merchants and customers alike will be able to interchange between digital assets and fiat currencies easily and hence acceptance of digital assets for everyday transactions can become mainstream.




Bitazza is our vision of how digital assets, investment banking and blockchain-based cashless payments can come together and function seamlessly in the near future. We provide traders and issuers access to the most liquid and active digital asset markets globally priced in ASEAN currencies. Our long-term vision is to become Southeast Asia's platform of choice for listing,trading and managing cryptoassets in a regulated environment.


is to accelerate the reach and adoption of crypto technology through better infrastructure and terms. We strive to excel in liquidity, security, service, quality of listings and products, speed and transparency. Our business model is scalable to become a digital investment bank, connecting digital asset issuers to the capital markets and investors, thereby raising capital to finance growth and enriching the stakeholders. At the same time, Bitazza's ample liquidity is scalable to provide solutions for the mass commerce retail to facilitate crypto cashless payment systems and other commercial fiat-crypto trades.